Therapy Areas

Speech Therapy

The Speech Therapy Program is suitable for all ages and all levels of articulation and language development difficulties. Speech therapy is best when lead by someone who!

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Reading Therapy

Reading skills improve faster when a parent participates in the therapy process. Reading is a complex process and a skill needed on a day-to-day basis for children and adults. Home Therapy Time provides reading comprehension support for the home setting.

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Handwriting Therapy

If someone you love has difficulty with their handwriting this program will help! Easy to follow worksheets covering a variety of handwriting activities and skills will help increase proficiency. Don’t wait…start today!

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Behavior Therapy

Identify and help change unhealthy behaviors with home-based behavior therapy. Our research-based behavior therapy program is both effective on its own, and a great addition to professional therapy for faster and better results.


Social Skills Therapy

Increase social compentency with our social skills program. Struggling with peer relationships, building friendships and expressing emotions are classic signs of social skills deficit. Home Therapy Time provides social skills training that's fun and engaging for the home setting.

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Mental Health

Home Therapy Time has three Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD) learning modules and a workbook which includes VA approved therapy models. The Continuous Therapy Model is incorporated in the workbook with easy to fill-in sections that can be shared with wellness circle members to help support those recovering from PTSD. Communication and support from trusted people are what PTSD victims report they want. Home Therapy Time’s learning modules and workbook support this need. Depression and Substance Abuse learning modules and workbooks are currently being developed. They will be completed by 6/1/2023.

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